traveller_ carte postale

by Renay Elle Morris

_2017 holiday greetings_Iceland. Magical. Light and color in an instant. Arctic-scapes reflect volcanic flow. Old Norse descendants revel in tales of ancient times.

_Moscow on a cool and rainy May afternoon.
Passerbys are treated to imagery along a route_an unusual setting to view the arts.

_Judaica and bridal gowns at Israel’s Jaffa shuk. Take a leisurely lunch at a cafe nearby.

_A Sunday outing in Argentina’s Feria de San Telmo. Visitors and local alike soak up the atmosphere and tango to the beat of Buenos Aires.

_Punjabi man. Most likely from Amritsar_ Northern India. A visit to the Golden Temple, the most sacred of all shrines for Sikhs, is also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib.

_On the heels of dh, bell, ottomans and nomads, all ensconced in the heat and dust of Petra_ archeological triumphs and the crown jewel of Jordan reigns.